The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard (2009)

90 min.
Plot  Ben Selleck's car dealership, in Temecula, California, is failing and he is forced to hire a mercenary, Don Ready. They have 211 cars to sell over the 4th of July weekend. Don's team of Babs, Jibby, and Brent promise Ben that they will make the dealership a profit after the weekend.

On the first day the crowds gather outside for hot dogs and other gimmicks. Don notices that the naturally talented salesman, Blake, could be his son (he was in the town before and had a brief fling while there). The sales team sell the cars by any means necessary and finish the day selling 71 cars. Before they can leave the lot Stu and his son Paxton from the opposing dealership offer to purchase the lot. Since Paxton is marrying Ben's daughter, Ivy, he is trying to put his future father-in-law out of business. Paxton only wants practice space for his "man-band", Big Ups, and eventually wants to take them worldwide. Ben is about to finalize a deal with Stu but Don promises to sell every car on the...



Jeremy Piven
Don "The Goods" Ready aka Big Boy Donnie
Ving Rhames
Jibby Newsome
James Brolin
Ben Selleck
David Koechner
Brent Gage
Kathryn Hahn
Babs Merrick
Ed Helms
Paxton Harding
Jordana Spiro
Ivy Selleck
Tony Hale
Wade Zooha
Ken Jeong
Teddy Dang
Rob Riggle
Peter Selleck
Alan Thicke
Stu Harding
Charles Napier
Dick Lewiston
Wendie Malick
Tammy Selleck
Craig Robinson
D.J. Request
Joey Kern
Ricky Big Ups!
Kristen Schaal
Stewardess Stacey
Christopher Gartin
Selleck Customer
Jessica St. Clair
Selleck Customer
Matt Walsh
Captain Ortiz
Morgan Murphy
Karaoke Bartender
T.J. Miller
Cessna Jim
Will Ferrell
Craig McDermott (uncredited)
Gina Gershon


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The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard
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United States


United States




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