New York Stories (1989)

7.5 / Rated by 2 people

124 min.
Plot  ''Life Lessons''

In a story loosely based on Fyodor Dostoevsky's short novel ''The Gambler'', Nick Nolte plays Lionel Dobie, an acclaimed abstract artist who finds himself unable to paint during the days before the scheduled beginning of a major gallery exhibition of his new work. Rosanna Arquette is Paulette, his apprentice/assistant and former lover. Lionel is still infatuated with her, but Paulette wants only his tutelage, which makes things difficult since they live in the same studio-loft. Paulette dates other people, including a performance artist (Steve Buscemi) and a painter (Jesse Borrego).

These deliberate provocations on Paulette's part make Lionel insanely jealous — and fuel his creativity. Lionel and Paulette, it becomes clear, have been using each other: Lionel using her sexually, Paulette using him as a means of entry to the higher spheres of the New York social and art scene. Paulette wants to give up and go home to her parents but Lionel ...


Woody Allen
Talia Shire
Nick Nolte
Lionel Dobie
Steve Buscemi
Gregory Stark
Jesse Borrego
Reuben Toro
Mike Starr
Illeana Douglas
Paulette's friend
Deborah Harry
Blind alley girl
Carmine Coppola
Street musician
Holly Marie Combs
Costume party guest
Kirsten Dunst
Lisa's daughter (uncredited)
Martin Scorsese
Man having picture taken with Lionel Dobie (uncredited)


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New York Stories
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