Being Human (1994)

122 min.
Plot  In the first incarnation, which appears to be a caveman, a man's family is taken from him by raiders due to his cowardice and hesitation. Before his wife is taken away, she says, "Don't lose the children!"

The next incarnation is in Ancient Rome in which he, Hector, is a slave to a "foolish master" who loses his fortune and is compelled to commit suicide by his debtors and orders Hector to join him. Hector longed to be free to find the children and wife he had before he became a slave, but he has fallen in love with another slave and forgets his waiting family.

Third incarnation: He is a Scottish crusader on his way home to his children. The master from his life in Rome as a slave is now a crusader trying to decide to be a priest or not. They travel together until Hector finds his soul mate from the life in Rome. She is a widow and wishes Hector to join her family but his duties to the children in Scotland pull at him.

Fourth incarnation: Hector is finally fo...



John Turturro
Bill Nighy
Robert Carlyle
The Pre-Historic Shaman
Theresa Russell
The Storyteller
Anna Galiena
Jonathan Hyde


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Being Human
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