Pulp (1972)

95 min.
Plot  King lives in Rome churning out a string of violent, sexually charged noir novels with titles like ''My Gun Is Long'' under an array of pen names like "S. Odomy".

King is offered an abnormally large sum to ghostwrite the autobiography of a mystery celebrity. The intrigued King agrees and is transported to a remote island (Malta, where ''Pulp'' was shot), during which time he will make contact with a representative for the celebrity. King meets a man named Miller (Al Lettieri), who identifies himself as an English professor. King assumes Miller is the mysterious contact -- until discovering Miller dead in his bathtub after a hotel room mix-up.

Finally arriving on the island, King meets his subject: Preston Gilbert (Mickey Rooney). A retired movie star, Gilbert is known for portraying gangsters and notorious for hanging out with real-life mobsters off the set (''a la'' actors George Raft and Frank Sinatra). Now suffering from cancer, the pompous, vain Gilbert wants Kin...



Michael Caine
Mickey King
Mickey Rooney
Preston Gilbert
Lionel Stander
Ben Dinuccio
Amerigo Tot


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