Sorcerer (1977)

8.25 / Rated by 4 people

121 min.
Plot  The film opens with a prologue that consists of four segments described by critics as "vignettes". They show the principal characters in different parts of the world and provide their backstories.

Part I: Prologue

Vignette #1: Veracruz, Mexico

Nilo, an elegantly dressed man, enters a flat in Veracruz. He immediately executes the unassuming tenant with a silenced pistol and proceeds to casually walk out onto the square.

Vignette #2: Jerusalem, Israel

A group of Arab terrorists disguised as Jews cause an explosion in Jerusalem and flee to their hideout, where the members equip themselves with weapons and plan their escape. After being surrounded by the military, they split up; two are killed and one apprehended. The only one who manages to escape is Kassem. The segment ends as he helplessly stares at his captured companion.

Vignette #3: Paris, France

While discussing a book his wife is editing, Victor Manzon dis...



Roy Scheider
Jackie Scanlon
Bruno Cremer
Victor Manzon (voice only)
Ramon Bieri
Karl John


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English Original Title
The Wages of Fear
English Alternative Title

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United States


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