This Is the End Poster

This Is the End (2013)


Rated by 7 people

Plot  Jay Baruchel arrives in Los Angeles to visit with old friend and fellow actor Seth Rogen, who invites him to attend a housewarming party hosted by James Franco. At the raucous party, many celebrities and others drink, take drugs, have sex and commit other immoral acts. Baruchel is uncomfortable being around many people he doesn't know well including Jonah Hill, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Michael Cera, Craig Robinson and Emma Watson. Rogen accompanies him to a convenience store for cigarettes.

Beams of blue light from the sky suddenly carry away several store customers. The frightened Rogen and Baruchel flee to Franco's home amid explosions, vehicular crashes and mass chaos, but find the party undisturbed by the blue beams. The partygoers scoff at Baruchel's account, but rush outside because of a powerful earthquake and see the Hollywood Hills on fire. A large crack opens in the earth, and Cera, Mintz-Plasse, Rihanna, Mindy Kaling, Aziz Ansari, Kevin Hart, Martin Starr, Jason Se...

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