Doomsday Gun (1994) / TV

Plot  The young Catholic Gerald Bull is fascinated with large-bore guns, inspired by Jules Verne's novel ''From The Earth To The Moon''. The adult Dr. Gerald Bull's career as a successful large-bore gun designer takes a turn as he is defunded by the U.S. Army; he then produces weapons for China, Israel, and ultimately South Africa which results in his arrest and conviction for illegal arms dealing. After his release, Bull promotes his supergun idea to Saddam Hussein, and, with funding through BCCI, begins design work on the top secret project, "Babylon". Bull solves several manufacturing challenges by forging and assembling it in sections which are bolted together by flanges, and lining the relatively soft barrel material with an alloy sleeve to reduce wear on the barrel. British and U.S. government agencies are shown to be aware of Bull's activities, but do nothing to stop him. The Israeli Mossad tries to dissuade Bull, and goes so far as to threaten his life, with no effect. As the "Baby B...  



Frank Langella
Dr. Gerald Bull
Alan Arkin
Col. Yossi
Kevin Spacey
Jim Price
Tony Goldwyn
Donald Duvall
James Fox
Sir James Whittington
Mark Ryan


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Doomsday Gun
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