We're No Angels (1989)

7.0 / Rated by 2 people

101 min.
Plot  A couple of 1930s Great Depression-era convicts, Ned and Jim, jailed on never-specified charges and abused by a ruthless warden, are dragged along when a vicious killer named Bobby escapes the electric chair.

The two end up in a small upstate New York town near the Canadian border, where they are mistaken for a pair of priests expected at the local monastery. They want to flee but cannot, since misunderstandings and the warden's search party looking for Bobby make a trip across the bridge to Canada almost impossible.

Ned and Jim continue to masquerade as priests, trusted and welcomed by Father Levesque. An opportunity presents itself in the form of a procession/pilgrimage to the church's sister church across the border. Each priest participating has to bring along someone who needs help, so they decide on the deaf-mute daughter of Molly, a local laundress and prostitute.

Bobby is killed by police during the procession. Ned saves Molly's daughter from drowning...



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Bultan rated We're No Angels (1989) with 7.0 stars / 17.08.2015

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