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Lincoln (2012)


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Plot  In January 1865, President Abraham Lincoln expects the Civil War to end within a month. However, he is concerned that his 1863 Emancipation Proclamation may be discarded by the courts once the war has concluded and that the Thirteenth Amendment be defeated by the returning slave states. Lincoln feels it is imperative to pass the amendment by the end of the month, thus removing any possibility that slaves who have already been freed may be re-enslaved. The Radical Republicans fear the amendment will merely be defeated by some who wish to delay its passage; the support of the amendment by Republicans in the border states is not yet assured either, since they prioritize the issue of ending the war. Even if all of them are ultimately brought on board, the amendment will still require the support of several Democratic congressmen if it is to pass. With dozens of Democrats having just become lame ducks after losing their re-election campaigns in the fall of 1864, some of Lincoln's advisors b...  



Daniel Day-Lewis
President Abraham Lincoln
Sally Field
First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln
Gloria Reuben
Elizabeth Keckley
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Robert Todd Lincoln
Gulliver McGrath
Tad Lincoln
Elizabeth Marvel
Mrs. Jolly
David Strathairn
Secretary of State William H. Seward
Bruce McGill
Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton
Joseph Cross
Major John Hay
Jeremy Strong
John George Nicolay
Grainger Hines
Secretary of the Navy Gideon Welles
Dakin Matthews
Secretary of the Interior John Palmer Usher
Tommy Lee Jones
Republican Congressman Thaddeus Stevens of Pennsylvania
Lee Pace
Democratic Congressman Fernando Wood of New York
Peter McRobbie
Democratic Congressman George H. Pendleton of Ohio
Bill Raymond
Speaker of the House Schuyler Colfax of Indiana
Stephen Spinella
Radical Republican Congressman Asa Vintner Litton
Michael Stuhlbarg
Democratic Congressman George Yeaman of Kentucky
Walton Goggins
Democratic Congressman Clay Hawkins of Ohio
David Warshofsky
Congressman William Hutton
Raynor Scheine
Republican Congressman Josiah S. 'Beanpole' Burton of Missouri
Christopher Evan Welch
Clerk of the House Edward McPherson
Hal Holbrook
Francis Preston Blair
James Spader
Republican Party operative William N. Bilbo
Tim Blake Nelson
Lobbyist Richard Schell.
John Hawkes
Republican operative Colonel Robert Latham
Wayne Duvall
Radical Republican Senator Benjamin "Bluff Ben" Wade
Jackie Earle Haley
Confederate States Vice President Alexander H. Stephens
Gregory Itzin
John Archibald Campbell
Jared Harris
Lieutenant General Ulysses S. Grant
David Oyelowo
Corporal Ira Clark
Lukas Haas
First White Soldier
Dane DeHaan
Second White Soldier
Adam Driver
Lincoln's telegraph operator


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