In the Line of Fire (1993)

7.0 / Rated by 1 people

128 min.
Plot  Frank Horrigan and Al D’Andrea meet with members of a counterfeiting group at a marina. The group's leader, Mendoza, tells Horrigan that he has identified D'Andrea as a United States Secret Service agent, and forces him to prove his loyalty by putting a gun to D'Andrea’s head and pulling the trigger. Horrigan shoots Mendoza's men, identifies himself as an agent, and arrests the counterfeiter.

Horrigan investigates a complaint about an apartment's absent tenant. He finds a collage of photographs and newspaper articles on famous assassinations, a model building magazine, and a ''Time'' cover with the President's head circled. When Horrigan and his partner return with a search warrant only one photograph remains, which shows a much younger Horrigan standing behind John F. Kennedy in Dallas in 1963 in a modified version of Ike Altgens' picture. He is the only remaining active agent who was guarding the President that day, but guilt over his failure to react quickly enough to the f...



Clint Eastwood
Agent Frank Horrigan
John Malkovich
Mitch Leary
Rene Russo
Lilly Raines
Dylan McDermott
Al D'Andrea
Gary Cole
Bill Watts
Fred Dalton Thompson
Harry Sargent
John Mahoney
Secret Service Director Sam Campagna
Tobin Bell
Patrika Darbo
Pam Magnus
John Heard
Prof. Riger
Steve Railsback
CIA Agent David Coppinger (uncredited)


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In the Line of Fire
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