Hook (1991)

6.88 / Rated by 5 people

144 min.
Plot  Peter Banning (Williams) is a successful corporate lawyer whose career constantly conflicts with his family life. His son, Jack, feels neglected when he attends a play starring his daughter, Maggie, but shows up too late for Jack's baseball game, which causes a strain in their relationship. They travel to London for a banquet honoring his wife, Moira's grandmother Wendy for her charity work regarding orphans. While the adults are out, a mysterious force comes and kidnaps the children. Upon their return, Toodles, an elderly former ophan living in Wendy's home, tells them that Captain Hook has returned and kidnapped Jack and Maggie and took them to Neverland. Wendy tries to convince Peter that he is in fact Peter Pan and that he must remember who he is to save his children.

That night, Tinker Bell confronts a drunken Peter and forcibly takes him to Neverland. She convinces Peter to disguise himself as a pirate, but when he sees Hook with his captive children he reveals himself. ...



Robin Williams
Peter Banning / Peter Pan
Dustin Hoffman
Captain Hook
Julia Roberts
Tinker Bell
Maggie Smith
Wendy Darling
Gwyneth Paltrow
Young Wendy Darling in flashbacks
Charlie Korsmo
Jack Banning
Caroline Goodall
Moira Banning
Kelly Rowan
Peter Pan's mother
Phil Collins
A British police inspector
Glenn Close
A male pirate who is punished by Hook


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rifai rated Hook (1991) with 6.5 stars / 15.03.2016

montbravo rated Hook (1991) with 5.0 stars / 16.10.2015

Bultan rated Hook (1991) with 7.0 stars / 05.01.2015

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