The Time Machine (2002)

7.0 / Rated by 6 people

Science Fiction
96 min.
Plot  In the year 1899, Dr. Alexander Hartdegen (Guy Pearce) is a young inventor teaching at Columbia University in New York City. Unlike his conservative friend David Philby (Mark Addy), Alexander would rather do pure research than work in the world of business. After his sweetheart Emma is killed by a mugger, he devotes himself to building a time machine in order to save her. When the machine is completed four years later, he travels back to 1899 and prevents her murder, only to see her killed by a horse and buggy.

Alexander goes to 2030 to find out whether Emma's life can be saved. At the New York Public Library, a holographic librarian called Vox 114 insists that time travel is impossible, so Alexander continues into the future until 2037, when the accidental destruction of the moon by space colonists renders the Earth virtually uninhabitable. When he restarts the time machine to avoid falling debris, he is knocked unconscious and travels to the year 802,701 before waking up ...



Guy Pearce
Dr. Alexander Hartdegen
Mark Addy
David Philby
Phyllida Law
Mrs. Watchit
Jeremy Irons
A humanoid Morlock
Josh Stamberg
Connie Ray
Field trip teacher


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