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Serpico (1973)


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Plot  Working as a uniformed patrolman, Frank Serpico excels at every assignment. He moves on to plainclothes assignments, where he slowly discovers a hidden world of corruption and graft among his own colleagues. After witnessing cops use drugs, commit violence, take payoffs and other forms of police corruption, Serpico decides to expose what he has seen, but he is harassed and threatened by his peers. The struggle leads to infighting within the police force, problems in his personal relationships, and Serpico's life being threatened. Finally, after being shot in the face during a drug bust on February 3, 1971, he testifies before the Knapp Commission, a government inquiry into NYPD police corruption between 1970 and 1972. After receiving a New York City Police Department Medal of Honor and a disability pension, Serpico resigns from the force and moves to Switzerland.



Sidney Lumet


Al Pacino
Al Pacino
Frank Serpico
John Randolph
Chief Sidney Green
Jack Kehoe
Tom Keough
Tony Roberts
Bob Blair
James Tolkan
Lieutenant Steiger
Nathan George
Lieutenant Nate Smith
Alan North
M. Emmet Walsh
F. Murray Abraham
Detective partner
Sam Coppola
Judd Hirsch
Val Bisoglio
Gun store owner


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  TonyMontana commented on Serpico (1973) / 15.09.2014

  TonyMontana commented on Serpico (1973) / 15.09.2014

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