Priest (2011)

7.0 / Rated by 2 people

87 min.
Plot  A centuries long war between humans and vampires has devastated the planet's surface and led to a theocracy under an organization called The Church. They constructed giant walled cities to protect mankind and developed a group of elite warriors, the Priests, to turn the tide against the vampires. The majority of the vampires were killed, while the remainder were placed in reservations. With the war over, the Clergy disbanded the Priests. Outside the walled cities, some humans seek out a living, free from the totalitarian control of the Church.

Priest is approached by Hicks, the sheriff of Augustine, a free town. Priest learns that his brother and his wife, Shannon - Priest's girlfriend before he entered the priesthood - were mortally wounded in a vampire attack, and Priest's niece, Lucy, was kidnapped. Hicks asks for Priest's help in rescuing Lucy. Priest asks the Clergy to reinstate his authority, but Church leader Monsignor Orelas (Christopher Plummer) does not believe the ...



Karl Urban
Black Hat
Maggie Q
Lily Collins
Lucy Pace
Brad Dourif
Stephen Moyer
Owen Pace
Christopher Plummer
Monsignor Orelas
Alan Dale
Monsignor Chamberlain
Mädchen Amick
Shannon Pace


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