Jarhead (2005)

7.5 / Rated by 2 people

123 min.
Plot  In 1989, Anthony "Swoff" Swofford (Jake Gyllenhaal) attends basic Marine Corps training before being stationed at Camp Pendleton. Claiming that he enlisted in the military because "he got lost on the way to college," Swofford finds his time at Camp Pendleton difficult, and struggles to make friends. While Swofford feigns illness to avoid his responsibilities, a "lifer," Marine Staff Sergeant Sykes (Jamie Foxx), takes note of his potential and orders Swofford to attend his Scout Sniper course.

After grueling training, the Scout Sniper course is left with eight candidates, among them Swofford, now a sniper, and Swofford's roommate Troy (Peter Sarsgaard) who becomes his spotter. When Iraq invades Kuwait, Swofford's unit is deployed to the Persian Gulf as a part of Operation Desert Shield. Eager for combat, the Marines find themselves bored with remedial training, constant drills, and a routine monotony that feeds their boredom, and prompts them to talk about the unfaithful girlf...



Jake Gyllenhaal
Pvt/LCpl Anthony Swofford
Peter Sarsgaard
Cpl Alan Troy
Jamie Foxx
SSgt Sykes
Chris Cooper
LtCol Kazinski
Brian Geraghty
PFC Fergus O'Donnell
Lucas Black
LCpl Chris Kruger
Evan Jones
PFC Dave Fowler
Laz Alonso
LCpl Ramon Escobar
John Krasinski
Cpl Harrigan
Dennis Haysbert
Major Lincoln


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