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The Bank Job (2008)


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Plot  Petty-criminal-gone-straight, Terry Leather (Jason Statham), owns a struggling car-sales garage. His friend, the photographer Kevin Swain's (Stephen Campbell Moore) ex-girlfriend, a former model named Martine Love (Saffron Burrows) offers Terry a chance to earn enough money to never worry about debt again: a bank robbery in Baker Street, London. Terry gathers his petty-criminal friends, including Kevin, a sometime pornographic actor Dave Shilling (Daniel Mays), a mechanic named Bambas (Alki David), and an elegant con-man "Major" Guy Singer (James Faulkner). While scouting the branch of Lloyds Bank, Terry and Martine inspect the vault while Kevin and Dave case the exterior. The Soho gangster Lew Vogel (David Suchet) happens upon Kevin and Dave, the latter of whom has made some films for Vogel.

The newly formed gang leases a leather accessories shop two doors away from the bank, and proceed to dig a tunnel under a fast-food restaurant to reach the underground bank vault. Terry e...



Jason Statham
Terry Leather
Saffron Burrows
Martine Love
Wendy Leather
Kevin Swain
Dave Shilling
"Major" Guy Arthur Singer
Agent Snow
Hakim Jamal
Gale Benson
Lord Mountbatten of Burma
Eric Addey
Bank employee (uncredited)


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  CK rated The Bank Job (2008) with 8.0 stars / 24.01.2016

  McBilek rated The Bank Job (2008) with 7.5 stars / 15.01.2016

  TonyMontana rated The Bank Job (2008) with 7.0 stars / 02.04.2015

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