Robin Hood (2010)


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140 min.
Plot  In 1199 A.D., Robin Longstride (Russell Crowe) is a common archer in the army of King Richard the Lionheart (Danny Huston). A veteran of Richard's crusade, he now takes part in the siege of Chalus Castle. Disillusioned and war-weary, he believes the King when invited to give an honest view of the war; after Robin gives a frank but unflattering appraisal of the King's conduct, Robin and his comrades - archers Allan A'Dayle (Alan Doyle) and Will Scarlett (Scott Grimes) and soldier Little John (Kevin Durand) - find themselves in the stocks.

When the King is slain during an attack on the castle, Robin and his men decide to free themselves and desert. They come across an ambush of the English royal guard by Godfrey (Mark Strong), an English knight who has conspired with King Philip of France to assassinate Richard. After chasing off Godfrey, Robin decides to take advantage of the situation by having his men impersonate the dead English knights to return to England. As they depart, ...



Russell Crowe
Robin Longstride
Cate Blanchett
Marion Loxley
Mark Strong
Sir Godfrey
Velibor Topic
Oscar Isaac
Prince John
William Hurt
William Marshal
Max von Sydow
Sir Walter Loxley
Danny Huston
King Richard the Lionheart
Mark Addy
Friar Tuck
Eileen Atkins
Eleanor of Aquitaine
Matthew Macfadyen
The Sheriff of Nottingham
Kevin Durand
Little John
Léa Seydoux
Isabella of Angoulême
Jessica Raine
Isabel of Gloucester


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Robin Hood
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  McBilek rated Robin Hood (2010) with 7.5 stars / 08.12.2015

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