Sneakers (1992)

7.25 / Rated by 2 people

126 min.
Plot  In 1969, students Martin Brice and Cosmo are sneakers who hack into computer networks using university equipment, to redistribute conservative funds to various liberal causes. The police burst in and arrest Cosmo while Martin is out getting pizza, and Martin becomes a fugitive.

In the present day, Martin, now called Martin Bishop, is running a tiger team of security specialists in San Francisco, including Donald Crease, a former CIA officer and family man; Darren "Mother" Roskow, a conspiracy theorist and electronics technician; Carl Arbogast, a young genius; and Irwin "Whistler" Emery, a blind phone phreak.

Martin is approached by National Security Agency officers Dick Gordon and Buddy Wallace, who know of his former identity. In exchange for clearing his record, he's asked to recover a "black box" from mathematician Dr. Gunter Janek, who has developed the box under the project name "Setec Astronomy" supposedly for the Russian government. Martin is hesitant but agree...



Robert Redford
Martin Bishop/Martin Brice
Sidney Poitier
Donald Crease
David Strathairn
Erwin "Whistler" Emery
Dan Aykroyd
Darryl "Mother" Roskow
River Phoenix
Carl Arbogast
Stephen Tobolowsky
Werner Brandes
Donal Logue
Dr. Gunter Janek
James Earl Jones
NSA Agent Bernard Abbott


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