Resident Evil (2002)

7.44 / Rated by 9 people

96 min.
Plot  Underneath Raccoon City exists a genetic research facility called the Hive, owned by the Umbrella Corporation. A thief steals the genetically engineered T-virus and contaminates the Hive with it. In response, the facility's artificial intelligence, the Red Queen, seals the Hive and kills everyone inside.

Alice awakens in a deserted mansion with amnesia. She dresses and checks the mansion and she is subdued by an unknown person. A group of commandos break into the mansion and arrest the person, who introduces himself as Matt Addison, who has just transferred as a cop in Raccoon P.D. The commandos explain that everyone in the group, except Matt, is an employee of the Umbrella Corporation, and that Alice and her partner Spence are guards for a Hive entrance under the disguise of a couple living in the mansion. Five hours prior, The Red Queen shut down the entire facility and released amnesia inducing gas. The commando team does not know why the Red Queen sealed the facility. The ...



Michelle Rodriguez
Rain Ocampo
Eric Mabius
Matt Addison
James Purefoy
Spence Parks
Colin Salmon
James "One" Shade
Heike Makatsch
Dr. Lisa Addison
Jason Isaacs
Dr. William Birkin
Jason Isaacs


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Resident Evil
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