Alexander (2004)

6.88 / Rated by 4 people

175 min.
Plot  The film is based on the life of Alexander the Great, King of Macedonia, who conquered Asia Minor, Egypt, Persia and part of ancient India. Shown are some of the key moments of Alexander's youth, his invasion of the mighty Persian Empire and his death. It also outlines his early life, including his difficult relationship with his father Philip II of Macedonia, his strained feeling towards his mother Olympias, the unification of the Greek city-states and the two Greek Kingdoms (Macedonia and Epirus) under the Hellenic League,o narrates throughout the film. We see Alexander's daily life and the strained relationship between his parents. Alexander grows up with his mother Olympias and his tutor Aristotle, where he finds interest in love, honour, music, exploration, poetry and military combat. His relationship with his father is destroyed when Philip marries Attalus's niece, Eurydice.

After Philip is assassinated, Alexander becomes king of Macedonia. Ptolemy briefly mentions Alexa...



Colin Farrell
Connor Paolo
Young Alexander
Angelina Jolie
Queen Olympias
Val Kilmer
King Philip II
Anthony Hopkins
Old Ptolemy
Jared Leto
Brian Blessed
Wrestling trainer
John Kavanagh
Rory McCann
Tim Pigott-Smith
Omen reader
Toby Kebbell
Pausanias of Orestis
Féodor Atkine
Roxane's father
Oliver Stone
Macedonian soldier at Zeus Statue (uncredited)


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