Born on the Fourth of July (1989)

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145 min.
Plot  The film begins with Ron Kovic's childhood during a summer in Massapequa, New York. He plays war in the woods, attends a Fourth of July parade, plays and wins at a local neighborhood baseball game, and watches President John F. Kennedy's inaugural address, which later inspires him to enlist in the Marines.

After Ron Kovic and his classmates hear an impassioned lecture about the Marine Corps, Ron decides to enlist. He misses his prom because he is unable to secure a date with his love interest, Donna. He confronts her at the prom and has a dance with her on his last night before leaving.

The film then moves to Kovic's second Vietnam tour in October 1967. Now a Marine sergeant and on patrol, his unit kills a number of Vietnamese civilians in a village, believing them to be enemy combatants. During the retreat, Kovic becomes disoriented and accidentally shoots one of the new arrivals to his platoon, a younger Marine private first class, named Wilson. Despite the frantic...



Tom Cruise
Ron Kovic
Raymond J. Barry
Eli Kovic
Frank Whaley
Timmy Burns
Stephen Baldwin
Billy Vorsovich
Tom Berenger
GySgt. Hayes
Willem Dafoe
John Getz
Marine Major
Vivica A. Fox
Hooker in VA hospital
Wayne Knight
Official #2
James Le Gros
Ed Lauter
Legion Commander
R. D. Call
Oliver Stone
Television interviewer


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Born on the Fourth of July
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