Nineteen Eighty-Four (1984)


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Science Fiction
110 min.
Plot  In a dystopian 1984, Winston Smith (John Hurt) endures a squalid existence in the totalitarian superstate of Oceania under the constant surveillance of the Thought Police. The story takes place in London, the capital city of the territory of Airstrip One (formerly "either England or Britain").

Winston works in a small office cubicle at the Ministry of Truth, rewriting history in accordance with the dictates of the Party and its supreme figurehead, Big Brother. A man haunted by painful memories and restless desires, Winston is an everyman who keeps a secret diary of his private thoughts, thus creating evidence of his ''thoughtcrime''.

His life takes a major turn when he is accosted by a fellow Outer Party worker — a mysterious, bold-looking girl named Julia (Suzanna Hamilton) — and they begin an illicit affair. Their first meeting takes place in the remote countryside where they exchange subversive ideas before having sex. Shortly after, Winston rents a room above a pawn...



John Hurt
Winston Smith
Cyril Cusack
Mr. Charrington
Phyllis Logan
Telescreen Announcer


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Nineteen Eighty-Four
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