The Deer Hunter (1978)

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183 min.
Plot  Act I

In Clairton, a small working-class town in western Pennsylvania, in late 1967, Russian American steel workers Michael "Mike" Vronsky, Steven Pushkov, and Nikonar "Nick" Chevotarevich, with the support of their friends and coworkers Stan and Peter "Axel" Axelrod and local bar owner and friend John Welsh, prepare for two rites of passage: marriage and military service.

The opening scenes set the character traits of the three main characters. Mike is the no-nonsense, serious but unassuming leader, Steven the loving, near-groom, pecked at by his mother for not wearing a scarf with his tuxedo and Nick is the quiet, introspective man who loves hunting because, he likes ". . . the trees . . . the way the trees are . . ." The recurring theme of "one shot", which is how Mike prefers to take down a deer, is introduced. Before the trio ships out, Steven and his girlfriend Angela, who is pregnant by another man but loved by Steven nonetheless, marry in an Orthodox we...



Robert De Niro
S/Sgt. Michael "Mike" Vronsky
Christopher Walken
Cpl. Nikanor "Nick" Chebotarevich
John Savage
Cpl. Steven Pushkov.
John Cazale
Stan . All scenes involving Cazale
Meryl Streep
Linda. Prior to The Deer Hunter
George Dzundza
John Welsh
Shirley Stoler
Steven's mother
Rutanya Alda
Angela Ludhjduravic-Pushkov
Amy Wright
Joe Grifasi


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The Deer Hunter
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