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Stardust (2007)


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Plot  A village lies near a gap in a stone wall bordering the magical kingdom of Stormhold. The gap is guarded constantly but Dunstan Thorn manages to go through and meets an enslaved princess,Una. She offers him a glass snowdrop in exchange for a kiss. Nine months later, the Wall Guard delivers a baby to Dunstan, saying his name is Tristan.

Eighteen years later, the dying king of Stormhold throws a ruby into the sky, decreeing that his successor will be the first of his fratricidal sons to recover it. The gem hits a star, they fall together and the remaining sons, Primus and Septimus independently search for the gem.

In Wall, Tristan sees the star fall and vows to get it for the object of his infatuation, Victoria, in return for her hand in marriage. Tristan learns that his mother is from beyond the wall, and receives a Babylon candle that she had left for him, which instantly takes the user to any desired location. Tristan lights it and is transported to the fallen star, ...



Tristan Thorn
Claire Danes
Michelle Pfeiffer
Robert De Niro
Captain Shakespeare of the Caspartine
Peter O'Toole
The dying King of Stormhold
Mark Strong
Prince Septimus
Jason Flemyng
Prince Primus
Rupert Everett
Prince Secundus
Dunstan Thorn
Young Dunstan Thorn
Sienna Miller
Victoria Forester
Henry Cavill
Ferdy the Fence
The skinny pirate
Ian McKellen


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