Chocolat (2000)

7.31 / Rated by 9 people

121 min.
Plot  Vianne Rocher (Juliette Binoche), an expert chocolatier, drifts across Europe with her daughter Anouk (Victoire Thivisol), following the north wind. In the beginning of the Lenten season "fifteen years after the War", they travel to a quiet French village that closely adheres to tradition, as led by the village mayor, Comte (Count) Paul de Reynaud (Alfred Molina). Just as the villagers begin observing the forty days of Lent, Vianne opens a chocolate shop, much to the displeasure of Count Reynaud.

Vianne wears more colorful clothing than the village women, does not attend the village church, and has a child, though never being married; she does not fit in well with the townspeople, but is nevertheless optimistic about her business. Her friendly and alluring nature begins to win the villagers over one by one, causing Reynaud to openly speak against her for tempting the people during a time of abstinence and self-denial.

One of the first to fall under the spell of Viann...



Juliette Binoche
Vianne Rocher
Victoire Thivisol
Anouk Rocher
Judi Dench
Armande Voizin
Alfred Molina
Comte de Reynaud
Hugh O'Conor
Father Pere Henri
Carrie-Anne Moss
Caroline Clairmont
Peter Stormare
Serge Muscat
Lena Olin
Josephine Muscat
Ron Cook
Alphonse Marceau
Leslie Caron
Madame Audel
John Wood
Guillaume Blerot
Christianne Oliveira
Chitza Rocher


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  Aysen rated Chocolat (2000) with 6.5 stars / 22.04.2016

  Recep rated Chocolat (2000) with 6.0 stars / 14.04.2016

  nihanyilmaz commented on Chocolat (2000) / 11.01.2016

  nihanyilmaz rated Chocolat (2000) with 10.0 stars / 11.01.2016

  TonyMontana rated Chocolat (2000) with 8.5 stars / 20.11.2015

  montbravo commented on Chocolat (2000) / 09.03.2015

  montbravo rated Chocolat (2000) with 9.0 stars / 09.03.2015

  Bultan rated Chocolat (2000) with 7.0 stars / 29.12.2014

  dilek rated Chocolat (2000) with 7.5 stars / 28.12.2014

  tuncer rated Chocolat (2000) with 7.0 stars / 25.08.2014

  nihanyilmaz - A very "sweet" movie with strong messages. Note: Have plenty of chocolate while watching this, you won't be able to resist! :)


  montbravo - delicious!

  TonyMontana - watchable

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