The Postman (1997)

7.8 / Rated by 5 people

177 min.
Plot  In an alternate history year of 1998, an unspecified apocalyptic event known only as "The Doomwar" - which involved the collapse of society and a nuclear war - erased almost all technology, sending the continent back to the Dark Ages. In this new world, pockets of survivors in more rural areas have formed small settlements and villages to maintain some semblance of civilization, while others have joined the militias and warlords that prey on the survivors. With no working motorized vehicles as the oil supplies are gone, horses are the standard for travel and bartering has replaced currency.

Fifteen years later, in the then near-future year of 2013, an unnamed nomadic survivor (Costner) enters the Oregon flatlands, trading performances of Shakespearean plays for food and water. The nomad stops at a town to restock and learns of the predominant militia, known as the Holnists. Run by General Bethlehem, the militia arrives at the town demanding food, water and a selection of men ...



Kevin Costner
The Postman
Will Patton
General Bethlehem
Larenz Tate
Ford Lincoln Mercury
James Russo
Captain Idaho
Tom Petty
Bridge City Mayor(self)
Daniel von Bargen
Pineview Sheriff Briscoe
Giovanni Ribisi
Bandit 20
Roberta Maxwell
Irene March
Joe Santos
Colonel Getty
Ron McLarty
Old George
Peggy Lipton
Ellen March
Rex Linn
Ryan Hurst
Eddie March
Ellen Geer
Pineview Woman
Tom Bower
Judy Herrera
Greg Serano
California Carrier
Mary Stuart Masterson
Hope (uncredited)
George Wyner
Benning Mayor


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The Postman
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