Marathon Man (1976)

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125 min.
Plot  Thomas "Babe" Levy (Dustin Hoffman) is a history Ph.D. candidate and avid runner. Babe is researching the same field as his father, who committed suicide after the Communist witch hunts of the Joseph McCarthy era ruined his reputation. Babe's brother Henry (Roy Scheider), known as "Doc", presents himself as an oil company executive but is really a government agent, involved in an elaborate network of couriers who transport diamonds stolen during World War II from wealthy Jews seeking to flee Germany. The diamonds are sold for the benefit of fugitive Nazi war criminal Dr. Christian Szell (Laurence Olivier), who in return helps in the hunt for other Nazi war criminals. Szell, a dentist who tortured Jews in a concentration camp, escaped capture and is now living off the diamond sales as a fugitive in South America (echoing real life Nazi war criminal Josef Mengele).

Christian Szell's brother, 72-year-old Klaus (Ben Dova), lives outside New York City and serves as the initial diamon...



Dustin Hoffman
Thomas Babington "Babe" Levy
Laurence Olivier
Dr. Christian Szell
Roy Scheider
Henry "Doc" Levy
William Devane
Peter Janeway
Marthe Keller
Elsa Opel
Tito Goya
Fritz Weaver
Professor Biesenthal


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Marathon Man
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