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The Name of the Rose (1986)

Der Name der Rose - German Original Title


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Plot  Franciscan friar William of Baskerville and his novice, Adso of Melk (narrating as an old man), arrive at an early 14th century Benedictine abbey in Northern Italy. A mysterious death has occurred ahead of an important theological Church conference. William, known for his deductive and analytic mind, confronts the worried Abbot and gains permission to investigate the death – a young illuminator appears to have committed suicide. Over the next few days, several other bizarre deaths occur, and the two gradually discover that everything is not what it seems in the abbey.

William and Adso also make the acquaintance of Salvatore, a demented hunchback who speaks gibberish in various languages, and his handler and protector, Remigio da Varagine who, as events prove, also has a shady past. William quickly deduces from Salvatore's speech that he had once been a member of a heretical sect and infers that Salvatore and Remigio may have been involved in the killings. Meanwhile, Adso encou...



Sean Connery
William of Baskerville
Bernardo Gui
Christian Slater
Adso of Melk
Remigio de Varagine
The Abbot
Jorge de Burgos
Ubertino de Casale
The Girl
Ron Perlman
Michele da Cesena
Hugh of Newcastle
Pietro d'Assisi
Cuthbert of Winchester
Cardinal Bertrand
Jean d'Anneaux


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