Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (1997)

6.88 / Rated by 4 people

94 min.
Plot  In 1967, British spy Austin Powers (Mike Myers) attempts to assassinate his nemesis, Dr. Evil (also Mike Myers), in his own nightclub (the Electric Psychedelic Pussycat Swingers Club). Dr. Evil escapes by launching himself in a space rocket disguised as a Big Boy statue, and cryogenically freezing himself, to return at a time when free love no longer reigned, and greed and corruption ruled again. Austin volunteers to be put into cryostasis to be revived when Dr. Evil returns.

Thirty years later in 1997, Dr. Evil returns with new plans for world domination, and discovers his henchman Number 2 (Robert Wagner) has transformed Evil's empire into Virtucon, a multi-billion dollar enterprise. Though already wealthy, Dr. Evil proposes several plans to threaten the world for more money. However, he finds that each of them have already been done during his absence. He ultimately falls back on his old plan to steal nuclear weapons and hold the world hostage, and is advised to seek one hu...



Mike Myers
Austin Powers/Dr. Evil
Elizabeth Hurley
Vanessa Kensington
Robert Wagner
Number 2
Seth Green
Scott Evil
Mindy Sterling
Frau Farbissina
Michael York
Basil Exposition
Fabiana Udenio
Alotta Fagina
Will Ferrell
Mimi Rogers
Mrs Kensington
Joe Son
Random Task
Paul Dillon
Paddy O'Brien
Charles Napier
Commander Gilmour
Elya Baskin
General Borschevsky
Clint Howard
Johnson Ritter
Tom Arnold
Carrie Fisher
Larry Thomas
Casino Dealer
Michael McDonald
Security Guard #2
Cindy Margolis
Fembot #1
Mike Judge
Rob Lowe
Decapitated henchman's friend


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Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
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