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The Abyss (1989)


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Plot  A US ballistic missile submarine, the USS ''Montana'', sinks near the edge of the Cayman Trough after an accidental encounter with an unidentified submerged object. As Soviet ships and submarines head towards the area in an attempt to salvage the sub, and with a hurricane moving in, the Americans decide that the quickest way to mount a rescue is to insert a SEAL team onto the ''Deep Core'', a privately owned, experimental underwater oil drilling platform, located 1,700 feet (518 meters) below sea level, which will serve as their base of operations. The designer of the platform, Dr. Lindsey Brigman, insists on accompanying the SEAL team, even though her estranged husband, Virgil "Bud" Brigman, is currently serving as the platform's foreman.

As the SEALs and the platform crew attempt to discover the cause of the ''Montana''s failure, they spot strange creatures they cannot identify, only later discovering that the creatures have intelligence and dubbing them "NTIs"—"non-te...


James Cameron


Ed Harris
Ed Harris
Virgil "Bud" Brigman
Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio
Dr. Lindsey Brigman
Michael Biehn
US Navy SEAL Lieutenant Hiram Coffey
J.C. Quinn
Arliss "Sonny" Dawson
Leo Burmester
Catfish De Vries
Kimberly Scott
Lisa "One Night" Standing
Todd Graff
Alan "Hippy" Carnes
John Bedford Lloyd
Jammer Willis
Chris Elliott
Richard Warlock
Dwight Perry
J. Kenneth Campbell
William Wisher Jr.
Bill Taylor
Ken Jenkins
Gerard Kirkhill


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  Barton Fink rated The Abyss (1989) with 7.5 stars / 25.09.2016

  Sinan rated The Abyss (1989) with 7.5 stars / 21.09.2016

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