Funeral in Berlin (1966)

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102 min.
Plot  Berlin in the 1960s is a city divided between Cold War lines with inhabitants of the Communist East trying to escape to the West. Even with the infamous Berlin Wall these escapes are common and successful.

Colonel Stok (Oskar Homolka), the head of intelligence in the Soviet Union's Berlin section and the one responsible for preventing escapes over the Wall, contacts British Intelligence and informs them that he wants to defect to the West. Secret agent Harry Palmer (Michael Caine) is sent to West Berlin to find out if Stok's offer is genuine and arrange his escape. Palmer was once involved in black market dealings in Berlin and was given the choice of joining British Intelligence or going to jail. Returning to the city, he is re-united with his old associate, German national Johnny Vulkan (Paul Hubschmid), who also works for Palmer's superior Colonel Ross (Guy Doleman).

Vulkan arranges for Palmer to go to East Berlin to meet Colonel Stok. In exchange for his co-operat...



Michael Caine
Harry Palmer
Paul Hubschmid
Johnny Vulkan/Paul Louis Broum
Oskar Homolka
Colonel Stok
Eva Renzi
Samantha Steel (voice only)
Guy Doleman
Colonel Ross
Heinz Schubert
Aaron Levine
Günter Meisner
Rainer Brandt
Rachel Gurney
Mrs. Ross
John Abineri
Otto Rukel


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Funeral in Berlin
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