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Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969)


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Plot  In late 1890s Wyoming, Butch Cassidy (Paul Newman) is the affable, clever, talkative leader of the outlaw Hole in the Wall Gang. His closest companion is the laconic dead-shot "Sundance Kid" (Robert Redford). The two return to their hideout at Hole-in-the-Wall (Wyoming) to discover that the rest of the gang, irked at Butch's long absences, have selected Harvey Logan (Ted Cassidy) as their new leader. Harvey challenges Butch to a knife fight over the gang's leadership. Butch defeats him using trickery, but embraces Harvey's idea to rob the Union Pacific ''Overland Flyer'' train on both its eastward and westward runs, agreeing that the second robbery would be unexpected and likely reap even more money than the first.

The first robbery goes well. To celebrate, Butch and Sundance visit a favorite brothel in a nearby town and watch, amused, as the town sheriff (Kenneth Mars) unsuccessfully attempts to organize a posse to track down the gang. They then visit Sundance's lover, school...



Paul Newman
Butch Cassidy
Robert Redford
The Sundance Kid
Katharine Ross
Etta Place
Strother Martin
Percy Garris
Henry Jones
Bike Salesman
Jeff Corey
Sheriff Bledsoe
George Furth
Ted Cassidy
Harvey Logan
Kenneth Mars
Timothy Scott
News Carver
Don Keefer
Charles Dierkop
Flat Nose Curry
Pancho Córdova
Bank Manager
Nelson Olmsted
Sam Elliott
Card Player No. 2
José Chávez
Bolivian Police Commander
Percy Helton
Enrique Lucero
Guard in the 1st Bolivian Bank
Jorge Russek
Bolivian Army Officer


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