The Ides of March (2011)

6.67 / Rated by 3 people

101 min.
Plot  Stephen Meyers is the junior campaign manager for Mike Morris, Governor of Pennsylvania and a Democratic presidential candidate, competing against Arkansas Senator Ted Pullman in the Democratic primary. Both campaigns are attempting to secure the endorsement of North Carolina Democratic Senator Franklin Thompson, who controls 356 convention delegates, enough to clinch the nomination for either candidate. After a debate at Miami University, Meyers is asked by Pullman's campaign manager, Tom Duffy, to meet in secret. Meyers calls his boss, senior campaign manager Paul Zara, who doesn't answer. Meyers decides to meet Duffy, who offers Meyers a position in Pullman's campaign, an offer Meyers refuses. Zara calls Meyers back and asks what was important, but Meyers says it was nothing to worry about. Meanwhile, Meyers starts a sexual relationship with Molly Stearns, an attractive intern for Morris's campaign and daughter of Jack Stearns, the chairman of the Democratic National Committee.



Ryan Gosling
Stephen Meyers
George Clooney
Mike Morris
Marisa Tomei
Ida Horowicz
Paul Giamatti
Tom Duffy
Evan Rachel Wood
Molly Stearns
Jeffrey Wright
Franklin Thompson
Jennifer Ehle
Cindy Morris
Gregory Itzin
Former Senator Jack Stearns
Michael Mantell
Ted Pullman
Max Minghella
Ben Harpen


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The Ides of March
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