Fierce Creatures (1997)

7.5 / Rated by 4 people

93 min.
Plot  The film opens with Willa Weston (Jamie Lee Curtis) arriving in Atlanta to take a high ranking position in a company recently acquired by Octopus Inc.'s owner, Rod McCain (Kevin Kline). After meeting his son, vice president of marketing Vince McCain (also played by Kline), and Rod's assistant Neville, Willa is told by McCain that he has already sold the company where she was to work. Now without a job, Willa agrees to run another recent acquisition, Marwood Zoo, in an attempt to create a business model that can be used for multiple zoos in the future.

The newly appointed director of the zoo is a retired Hong Kong Police Force officer and former Octopus Television employee, Rollo Lee (John Cleese). In order to meet Octopus's revenue target of 20% from all assets, Lee institutes a "fierce creatures" theme, assuming that exhibits of dangerous animals and emphasis on violence will attract more visitors. All animals not meeting those requirements must go. All the animal keepers, in...



John Cleese
Rollo Lee
Jamie Lee Curtis
Willa Weston
Kevin Kline
Rod McCain/Vince McCain
Michael Palin
Adrian 'Bugsy' Malone
Robert Lindsay
Sydney Lotterby
Ronnie Corbett
Reggie Sea Lions
Carey Lowell
Cub Felines
Bille Brown
Derek Griffiths
Gerry Ungulates
Maria Aitken
Di Harding
Cynthia Cleese
Pip Small Mammals
Richard Ridings
Hugh Primates
Gareth Hunt
Inspector Masefield
Tom Georgeson
Sealion Spectator
Jack Davenport
Student Zookeeper


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Fierce Creatures
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Bultan rated Fierce Creatures (1997) with 6.0 stars / 07.06.2015

montbravo rated Fierce Creatures (1997) with 9.0 stars / 26.05.2015

Onur rated Fierce Creatures (1997) with 7.5 stars / 24.05.2015

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