Mulholland Drive (2001)

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146 min.
Plot  A dark-haired woman is the sole survivor of a car crash on Mulholland Drive, a winding road high in the Hollywood Hills. Injured and in shock, she makes her way down into Los Angeles and sneaks into an apartment. Later that morning, an aspiring actress named Betty Elms arrives at the apartment, which is normally occupied by her aunt. Betty is startled to find the woman, who has amnesia and assumes the name "Rita" after seeing a poster for the film ''Gilda'' starring Rita Hayworth. To help the woman remember her identity, Betty looks in Rita's purse, where she finds a large amount of money and an unusual blue key.

At a diner called Winkie's, a man tells his companion about a nightmare in which he dreamt there was a horrible figure behind the diner. When they investigate, the figure appears, causing the man with the nightmare to collapse in fright. Elsewhere, director Adam Kesher has his film commandeered by mobsters, who insist that he cast an unknown actress named Camilla Rhodes...



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Mulholland Drive
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Mulholland Dr.
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