Pi (1998)

7.5 / Rated by 3 people

84 min.
Plot  Max Cohen, the story's protagonist and unreliable narrator, is a number theorist who believes that everything in nature can be understood through numbers. He is capable of doing simple arithmetic calculations involving large numbers in his head, a skill that impresses Jenna, a small girl with a calculator who lives in his apartment building. Max also suffers from cluster headaches, as well as extreme paranoia, hallucinations, and social anxiety disorder. Other than Devi, a woman living next door who sometimes speaks to him, Max's only social interaction is with Sol Robeson, his old mathematics mentor.

Max begins making stock predictions based on the calculations of his computer, Euclid. In the middle of printing out its picks, Euclid suddenly crashes after spitting out a seemingly random 216-digit number, as well as a single pick at one-tenth its current value. Disgusted, Max tosses out the printout of the number. The next morning, he checks the financial pages and sees that t...



Sean Gullette
Maximillian "Max" Cohen
Mark Margolis
Sol Robeson
Ben Shenkman
Lenny Meyer
Ajay Naidu
Clint Mansell


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