Unforgiven (1992)

7.62 / Rated by 4 people

131 min.
Plot  A group of prostitutes in Big Whiskey, Wyoming, led by Strawberry Alice, offer a $1,000 reward to whoever can kill Quick Mike and "Davey-Boy" Bunting, two cowboys who disfigured Delilah Fitzgerald. The local sheriff, Little Bill Daggett, a former gunfighter and keeper of the peace, is worried about their incentive, as he does not allow guns or criminals in his town. Little Bill had given the two men leniency, despite their crime.

Miles away in Kansas, the Schofield Kid, a boastful young man, visits the pig farm of William Munny, seeking to recruit him to kill the cowboys. In his youth, Munny was a bandit notorious as a cold-blooded murderer. Now a repentant widower raising two children, he has sworn off alcohol and killing. Though Munny initially refuses to help with the execution, his farm is failing, putting his children's future in jeopardy. Munny reconsiders a few days later and sets off to catch up with the Kid. On his way, Munny recruits Ned Logan, another retired gunfig...



Clint Eastwood
William "Will" Munny
Gene Hackman
"Little" Bill Daggett
Morgan Freeman
Ned Logan
Richard Harris
English Bob
Jaimz Woolvett
The Schofield Kid
Saul Rubinek
W. W. Beauchamp
Frances Fisher
Strawberry Alice
Anna Levine
Delilah Fitzgerald
Rob Campbell
Davey Bunting
Anthony James
Skinny Dubois
Shane Meier
William Munny Jr.


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