Memento (2000)

8.29 / Rated by 14 people

113 min.
Plot  A backwards sequence is shown. It starts with the Polaroid photograph of a dead man. As the sequence plays backwards the photo reverts to its undeveloped state, entering the camera before the man is shot in the head. This is followed by interspersed black-and-white and color sequences, with the black-and-white sequences taking place chronologically before the color sequences.

The black-and-white sequences begin with Leonard Shelby (Guy Pearce) in a motel room speaking to an unnamed telephone caller who is not shown on-screen. Leonard has anterograde amnesia and is unable to store recent memories, the result of an attack by two men. Leonard explains that he killed the attacker who raped and strangled his wife, but a second clubbed him and escaped. The police did not accept there was a second attacker, but Leonard believes the attacker's name is John (or possibly James), with a last name starting with G. Leonard conducts his own investigation using a system of notes, Polaroid ph...



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  diziplus rated Memento (2000) with 8.5 stars / 26.04.2017

  cordelia rated Memento (2000) with 9.0 stars / 20.05.2016

  emine nur rated Memento (2000) with 8.0 stars / 26.02.2016

  nsvn rated Memento (2000) with 8.0 stars / 01.02.2016

  McBilek rated Memento (2000) with 8.0 stars / 19.01.2016

  aysers rated Memento (2000) with 8.0 stars / 12.01.2016

  hakan rated Memento (2000) with 8.5 stars / 16.12.2015

  sailor rated Memento (2000) with 10.0 stars / 29.11.2015

  CK rated Memento (2000) with 8.5 stars / 06.01.2015

  brktsc rated Memento (2000) with 7.0 stars / 14.10.2014

  TonyMontana rated Memento (2000) with 8.0 stars / 02.07.2014

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