Superman Returns (2006)

6.78 / Rated by 10 people

154 min.
Plot  Superman (Brandon Routh) has been missing for five years, since traveling to the location where astronomers believed they had discovered the remains of Krypton. During his absence, Superman's nemesis, mad scientist Lex Luthor (Kevin Spacey) was released from prison (due to Superman's failure to appear at Lex's trial) and married an old rich widow (Noel Neill) to obtain her fortune upon her death. Having failed in his quest to find surviving Kryptonians, Superman returns to Earth and, as Clark Kent, resumes his job at the ''Daily Planet'' in Metropolis. He subsequently learns that Lois Lane (Kate Bosworth) has won a Pulitzer Prize for her article "Why the World Doesn't Need Superman." Meanwhile, Lex travels to the Fortress of Solitude and steals Kryptonian crystals to use for an experiment that causes a mass power outage on the East Coast. The power loss interferes with the flight test of a space shuttle to be launched into space from its piggy-back mounting on an airliner, occupied by ...  



Brandon Routh
Clark Kent / Superman
Kate Bosworth
Lois Lane
Kevin Spacey
Lex Luthor
James Marsden
Richard White
Parker Posey
Kitty Kowalski
Tristan Lake Leabu
Jason White


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Superman Returns
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