Where Eagles Dare (1968)

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155 min.
Plot  In the winter of 1943-44, U.S. Army Brigadier General George Carnaby (Robert Beatty), a chief planner of the second front, is captured by the Germans when his aircraft is shot down en route to Crete. He is taken for interrogation to the Schloss Adler, a fortress high in the Alps of southern Bavaria. A team of commandos, led by Major John Smith (Richard Burton) and U.S. Army Ranger Lieutenant Morris Schaffer (Clint Eastwood), is briefed by Colonel Turner (Patrick Wymark) and Admiral Rolland (Michael Hordern) of MI6. Their mission is to parachute in, infiltrate the castle, and rescue General Carnaby before the Germans can interrogate him. MI6 Agent Mary Elison (Mary Ure) accompanies the mission in secret, her presence known only to Major Smith.

Early in the mission, the two NCOs, MacPherson (Neil McCarthy) and radio operator Harrod (Brook Williams), are mysteriously killed; but Major Smith is unperturbed, keeping Lt. Schaffer as a close ally and secretly updating Rolland and...



Richard Burton
Maj. John Smith
Clint Eastwood
Lt. Morris Schaffer
Mary Ure
Mary Ellison
Patrick Wymark
Col. Turner
Michael Hordern
Admiral Rolland
Donald Houston
Capt. Olaf Christiansen
Peter Barkworth
Capt. Ted Berkeley
William Squire
Capt. Lee Thomas
Robert Beatty
Gen. George Carnaby/Corporal Cartwright Jones
Brook Williams
Sgt. Harrod
Neil McCarthy
Sgt. Jock MacPherson
Vincent Ball
Wing Commander Cecil Carpenter
Anton Diffring
Col. Paul Kramer
Ferdy Mayne
Gen. Julius Rosemeyer
Derren Nesbitt
Maj. von Hapen
Victor Beaumont
Col. Weissner
Ingrid Pitt
Heidi Schmidt
Guy Deghy
Maj. Wilhelm Wilner (uncredited)
Derek Newark
SS Officer (uncredited)


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