Body Double (1984)

7.0 / Rated by 1 people

114 min.
Plot  Jake Scully (Craig Wasson) is a struggling actor who has lost his role as a vampire in a low-budget horror movie after his claustrophobia thwarts shooting. He returns home to discover his girlfriend cheating on him, so Scully is left without a place to stay.

At a method acting class he meets Sam (Gregg Henry) who closely monitors Scully's revelation of his fears and the childhood cause of his claustrophobia. They go to a bar where Scully is offered a place to stay; Sam's friend has left town temporarily and needs a house-sitter for his ultra-modern home in the Hollywood Hills.

Scully is shown the house that night. Sam is especially ecstatic about one feature: a female neighbor, Gloria Revelle (Deborah Shelton), who erotically dances at a specific time each night. Sam has even set up a telescope which Scully can't resist using voyeuristically to watch her.

One night he sees Gloria being abused by a boyfriend. When she goes shopping the next day, Scully decides...



Craig Wasson
Jake Scully
Melanie Griffith
Holly Body
Gregg Henry
Sam Bouchard
Deborah Shelton
Gloria Revelle
Guy Boyd
Detective Jim McLean
Al Israel
Douglas Warhit
Video Salesman
Larry Flash Jenkins
Assistant Director
Monte Landis
Sid Goldberg
Slavitza Jovan
Rob Paulsen


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Body Double
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