Sahara (2005)

6.0 / Rated by 1 people

124 min.
Plot  The film begins with a prologue set in Richmond, Virginia in 1865, showing the ironclad CSS ''Texas'', carrying the last of the Confederacy's treasury, as Captain Mason Tombs tries to run a Union blockade.

The film then moves to the present day, where World Health Organization doctors Eva Rojas and Frank Hopper are investigating a disease that is spreading across Mali, Africa. Assassins, accompanied by a corrupt Tuareg named Zakara, attempt to murder Eva, but she is rescued by Dirk Pitt, from National Underwater and Marine Agency, who was diving nearby.

Dirk gets a call from a dealer in Nigeria. He sells Dirk a gold Confederate States of America coin, one of supposedly only five in existence, which was found in the Niger River. Dirk believes that this is a clue to the long-lost ''Texas''. He convinces his boss, James Sandecker, to let him, Al Giordino, and Rudi Gunn, from NUMA, take Sandecker's yacht, the Calliope up the Niger River to search for the Texas. They giv...



Steve Zahn
Al Giordino
Penélope Cruz
Dr. Eva Rojas
Lambert Wilson
Yves Massarde
Lennie James
Brigadier General Zateb Kazim
William H. Macy
Admiral James Sandecker
Rainn Wilson
Commander Rudi Gunn
Patrick Malahide
Ambassador Polidori
Glynn Turman
Dr. Frank Hopper
Dayna Cussler
Kitty Mannock
Robert Cavanah
Captain Tombs
Rakie Ayola
Mrs. Nwokolo


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