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Half Moon Street (1986)

90 min.
Plot  Dr. Lauren Slaughter is an American woman of considerable intellect, an expert on China who now lives in London, working for a "think tank".

Unhappy with superiors who take credit for her work and dissatisfied with her low wages, Dr. Slaughter moonlights in her flat on Half Moon Street as a paid escort to lonely men. One such, identifying himself by a fake name, turns out to be Lord Bulbeck, a trusted House of Lords member with a key role in national defense.

The two strike up a relationship that goes beyond their lovemaking, enjoying each other's conversation and intelligence. But during a delicate peace negotiation in the Middle East, investigators doing a background check on Lord Bulbeck come upon his relationship with the high-priced call girl, someone they suspect might have an ulterior motive.




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