Safe (2012)

95 min.
Plot  Ex-cop and cage fighter Luke Wright (Jason Statham) unintentionally wins a fixed fight, angering Emile Docheski (Sándor Técsy), head of the Russian mafia. As punishment, Docheski's son Vassily (Joseph Sikora) and his men kill Wright's pregnant wife, then promise to kill anyone to whom he speaks regularly. Luke leaves his life behind, becoming a homeless tramp. At the same time, in China, Mei (Catherine Chan), a young math genius, is kidnapped by men working for Triad boss Han Jiao (James Hong). Han wishes to use Mei as a human computer to eliminate his criminal enterprise's traceable digital footprint. He sends her to New York City, in the care of brutal gangster Quan Chang (Reggie Lee).

One year later, Han arrives from China, asking Mei to memorize a long number. On the way to retrieve a second number, the vehicle is ambushed by the Russian mafia. Mei is taken to Emile, who demands the number, but Mei refuses. Before they can further interrogate her, they are interrupted by p...



Jason Statham
Luke Wright
Chris Sarandon
Mayor Danny Tremello
Robert John Burke
Captain Wolf
James Hong
Han Jiao
Reggie Lee
Quan Chang
Danny Hoch
Julius Barkow
Igor Jijikine
Anson Mount
Alex Rosen
Joseph Sikora
Vassily Docheski


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