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Besieged (1998)

93 min.
Plot  David Thewlis plays eccentric English pianist and composer Mr. Kinsky, who lives in a very old, but charming villa in Rome. Thandie Newton plays his housemaid Shandurai, an African refugee whose husband is a political prisoner on “the Black continent”. Kinsky falls in love with Shandurai, sends her gifts regularly, for which she is often mad. Once, having presented her ring, he dares to express the love he feels for her, but she refuses him angrily. When he asks her what he should do to make her love him, she shouts, “Get my husband out of jail!” Then Kinsky for the first time realizes that Shandurai is married.Despite this, he still immensely loves her and, in order to help her, he is selling precious things from his home, memories from the past, while Shandurai becomes his muse and inspiration in the present. Finally, he will sell his “essence”, piano, completely giving in to love for the young woman, although she doesn’t return it to him. In one scene, when an African priest asks hi...  



Thandie Newton
David Thewlis
Jason Kinsky
Cyril Nri


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