Immortal Beloved (1994)

7.0 / Rated by 1 people

121 min.
Plot  When Ludwig van Beethoven dies, his assistant and close friend Schindler deals with his last will and testament. There remains a question as to who Beethoven's "immortal beloved", an unnamed woman mentioned in one of his letters, may be. Schindler embarks on a quest to find out who this woman is. Retrospective footage of Beethoven from his younger years until his death is featured as the film progresses. The conclusion ultimately is that the individual is Johanna Reiss, the daughter of Anton Van Reiss, a prosperous Viennese upholsterer. In the film, she becomes pregnant by Beethoven; when by an accidental turn of events he does not marry her in time, she marries his brother, Kaspar. Their son, Karl van Beethoven, is raised by Ludwig in the vain hope of making him an important musician in his own right.




Gary Oldman
Ludwig van Beethoven
Jeroen Krabbé
Anton Felix Schindler
Isabella Rossellini
Anna-Marie Erdödy
Johanna ter Steege
Johanna Reiss
Christopher Fulford
Kaspar van Beethoven
Michael Culkin
Jakob Hotscevar
Marco Hofschneider
Karl van Beethoven
Miriam Margolyes
Nanette Streicherova
Barry Humphries
Clemens Metternich
Valeria Golino
Giulietta Guicciardi
Alexandra Pigg
Therese Obermayer


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Immortal Beloved
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