The Natural (1984)

137 min.
Plot  Roy Hobbs is a boy who is a skilled baseball player, often playing catch with his father Ed (Alan Fudge). One day, his father suffers a fatal heart attack and drops dead near a tree on the family property. When the same tree is later struck by lightning, Hobbs considers this a sign and fashions the heart of the tree's trunk, seen glowing after the trunk is split in two by the lightning, into a bat, which he dubs "Wonderboy", carving a lightning bolt into the bat.

In 1923, a 19-year-old Hobbs (Robert Redford) is a promising pitcher who threw eight no-hitters in 1922. One night, he informs his girlfriend and neighbor, Iris (Glenn Close), that he has been called up for a try-out with the Chicago Cubs, which they celebrate by spending the night together in a barn. On the way to Chicago with his manager Sam Simpson (John Finnegan), the train stops at a carnival and Hobbs is challenged to strike out "The Whammer" (Joe Don Baker), the top hitter in the Majors (it is insinuated that The...



Robert Redford
Roy Hobbs
Robert Duvall
Max Mercy
Glenn Close
Iris Gaines
Kim Basinger
Memo Paris
Wilford Brimley
Pop Fisher
Barbara Hershey
Harriet Bird
Robert Prosky
The Judge
Joe Don Baker
"The Whammer"
Darren McGavin
Gus Sands
Michael Madsen
Bartholomew "Bump" Bailey
John Finnegan
Sam Simpson
Alan Fudge
Ed Hobbs


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The Natural
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