Barfly (1987)

6.0 / Rated by 1 people

97 min.
Plot  Henry Chinaski (Mickey Rourke) is a destitute alcoholic who lives in a rundown apartment and works menial jobs when he can find them. An intelligent man and keenly aware of his circumstance, he finds solace in expressing his feelings and perceptions of the world through writing poetry and short stories.

At night, he frequents a local establishment where he drinks, hangs out with other down and out alcoholics, and gets into altercations with patrons and a tough guy bartender he hates, named Eddie (Frank Stallone). One night, Henry comes into the bar very drunk; he begins to drink uncontrollably out of other customers' glasses and Eddie promptly throws him out into the street.

Henry then staggers on to another establishment. There, he meets Wanda (Faye Dunaway), a fellow alcoholic and a kept woman, who, lonely in her own right, invites Henry to drink with her, with booze she buys on her lover's account at the liquor store. She invites Henry to her shabby apartment to ...



Mickey Rourke
Henry Chinaski
Faye Dunaway
Wanda Wilcox
Alice Krige
Tully Sorenson
Jack Nance
Gloria LeRoy
Grandma Moses


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Bultan rated Barfly (1987) with 6.0 stars / 23.02.2015

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