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Exotica (1994)

103 min.
Plot  :'''Note:''' The story of ''Exotica'' is not told in chronological order and important information is often revealed only late in the film. The following synopsis does not reflect the viewer's actual experience of the events as they unfold.

''Exotica'' presents a disparate group of characters whose lives are interconnected by the murder of Francis Brown's (Bruce Greenwood) daughter, with much of the film taking place in a strip club called Exotica. Christina (Mia Kirshner) is an exotic dancer at Exotica, owned by Zoe (Arsinée Khanjian). Eric (Elias Koteas) is the club's DJ and Christina's former boyfriend, and is involved in a complex relationship with Zoe, who is carrying his child. Francis is a customer who comes in on alternate evenings and always has Christina—dressed in a schoolgirl uniform—give him a private dance. This inspires Eric's jealousy.

Francis pays his brother Harold's (Victor Garber) young daughter (Sarah Polley) to babysit on nights that he attends t...



David Hemblen
Customs inspector
Mia Kirshner
Bruce Greenwood
Francis Brown
Don McKellar
Thomas Pinto
Sarah Polley
Tracey Brown
Victor Garber
Harold Brown
Damon D'Oliveira
Man at opera
Jack Blum
Billy Merasty
Man at opera


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