Night Moves (1975)

100 min.
Plot  Harry Moseby is a retired professional football player working as a private investigator in Los Angeles. He is dedicated to his job, but is also following his wife Ellen because she and a man named Marty Heller are having an affair.

Aging actress Arlene Iverson hires Harry to find her trust-funded daughter Delly Grastner, distracting Harry from his marital problems. Harry goes to a Hollywood film set to interview a stuntman he knows, Ziegler, about an unsolved death during the shooting of a film, and a mechanic, Quentin, who knew the lascivious teen Delly before she took off for Florida.

In the Florida Keys, Harry succeeds in locating Delly and has an affair of his own with a woman he meets there, Paula, as he learns that finding this is only the beginning of a much larger case.

As the "accidental" deaths multiply, Harry discovers that everyone has his or her own motives and that he cannot do much to stem the tide of deep-seated depravity. He and Paula end up...



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Night Moves
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